Week 1 – Saying Hello using tools


Week one is almost gone and we already miss it. It was wonderful to say hello to so many people. Of course, many times we got lost and lost track of countries and had trouble spelling names. I blush thinking about my typos in the yahoo messenger and not mentioning the other kinds of mistakes (multitasking is our sin and our salvation). It does not really matter. Above all in the cyber world of webheads we make our best to be kind and helpful (actually, it is pretty easy because everyone is so kind). Many participants (through yahoo group postings, skype and yahoo private chat) expressed their willingness to learn and share, their natural insecurity facing a new way of learning and teaching, their desire to continue learning. If I had to define webheads my definition would “people who are fond of online learning and teaching.” A very personal definition, of course, but one that summarizes what we have been doing here and represents the kind of people we are.

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